On-line Reservation Systems

Also known as Central Reservation Systems (CRS) are software systems that allow end-users to directly book and pay for airline tickets, hotel accommodation, rent-a-car services and many more. Whether built as a modern web application or a distributed system, these pieces of software often include facilities to aid the following processes:

  • Price and availability management.
  • Management of booking restrictions.
  • Management of products and rates.
  • Reservation management.
  • Modules for business intelligence.
  • End-user member area.
  • Promotion management.
  • Connections to social media applications.

Web-based reservation systems are often the choice for hotels as these can provide an easy way for end-users to search and book directly while looking at the hotel's web site. These reservations are very important as they often are much cheaper than reservations coming in through various distribution channels.

Why Us?

Our team has experience with most of the world's leading reservation systems. We have not only built systems of our own but also integrated third-party reservation systems like Booking.com, Expedia, HRS, Agoda and many more. We have a broad overview of all processes involved with on-line reservations.

Case Study

Teamavia.com is a new service for booking charter and regular airline tickets. Its ingenious design of the search engine was specially developed for charter flights.

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