Team of Professionals

We share a passion for professionalism and like to see things done in the right way. Therefore, we hire only the best and concentrate our efforts to retain our personnel. In time, we have put together a team of professionals, highly skilled in their specific area of expertise.

Internationals standards ISO 9001:2015 и ISO 27001:2013

We are committed to constantly analyse and improve the working processes in the company. Therefore, our team has implemented internationally recognized standards for quality ISO 9001:2015 and information security ISO 27001:2013. The application of the implemented standards is a priority for each and every one of the company's employees. Please take a look in our Information Security and Quality Policy.

Broad Coverage

People working with us, have a broad range of expertise. We cover a lot of different domains and wide variety of technologies. Therefore we will first advise the best approach to come to a working solution, before actually start working on one.

Professional Approach

We have a professional approach to every project, regardless of its domain, scope or technology. We put these simple things in front of everything else:

  • Clearly defined processes
  • Easy communication
  • Focus on individual customer needs

Consultancy and engagement

A successful project means far more than quality software development. It means choosing the right technology, it means identifying a number of priorities and last but not least it means a partner that can show you the way to achieve the project goals.

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