Electronic Commerce

Trading your products and services in an easy, uncomplicated manner can be the difference between success and failure. More and more people every day join a large community that prefers to purchase all kinds of things on-line — from clothes and shoes, through airline tickets and whole family vacations.

Why not be part of this market and start building your on-line shop today? Our team can offer comprehensive solutions, that are built specifically to cover your individual requirements. Common modules of an eCommerce solution include:

For the front page (end user area):
  • Search tools to locate desired products.
  • Product description pages.
  • Catalogue with promotional items.
  • Shopping cart systems.
  • Data collection forms.
  • Step-by-step booking process.
  • Overview of past purchases.
  • Automated invoicing and document creation.
  • Email and SMS notification tools.
  • Tracking of shipments.

For the back-end (administrative area):
  • Management of products, descriptions and images.
  • Price and availability management.
  • Busines Intelligence tools.
  • Comprehensive customer database.
  • Management of promotions and discounts.
  • Shipment processing.

Secure Payment Processing

An important part of any eCommerce system, that automatically guarantees item availability and shipment, is the secure payment processing. Our team has vast experience in building such systems, integrating a number of payment providers, authorizing payments from all around the world. Ask us for more information about:

  • 3-D Secure Payment Systems
  • PCI DSS Compliance
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