Fixed Time and Price

This engagement model is suitable for projects whose scope is well defined and/or a requirements specification document already exists. In this case we can offer a fixed price quotation, as well as an implementation time-frame. This effectively transfers the risk away from you and leaves the analysis, implementation and deployment to us.

Time and Material

Often projects cannot be put within a strict scope and/or stretch over longer periods of time, where only parts of the project are specified ahead in time. Fortunately, our Time and Material engagement model helps you cope with this scenario as well. With this model you get:

  • The flexibility to change the specification of the project with changing market trends — helps improve risk mitigation;
  • Agree on a fixed hourly rate which is part of your contract — know your costs in advance;
  • Request more resources as your needs increase — improved scalability.

Dedicated Team

Members from our staff can work as an extension to your company's existing development team. This model is called «dedicated team» as our team members are practically dedicated to your company's project for the duration of the contract. This model is particularly interesting for larger projects, that span over a long period of time. This kind of projects are often hard to imposible to plan ahead in time and involve high risk. With this engagement model your company gets a number of advantages:

  • Instant access to a team with considerable experience in the area of software development — start and move quickly to development;
  • No expenses for HR, training and infrastructure — reduced costs at no risk;
  • Scalable teams according to your project requirements — manage costs as project priorities change;
  • Extend you own development team — choose how involved your company is.
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