The Life of a Software System

Each software system passes through different stages during its life time. As end-user expectations and trends change, so do the requirements to any software system. A very important thing to keep in mind when it comes to software is that Change is inevitable! Software systems require constant monitoring, performance analysis, optimizations and updates.

Personalized Support

As our customer, you can choose between a variety of support options. We offer a 5/8 support which is suitable for most of our customers. Should you have time-critical systems and require support 24/7 we can offer that as well. Your business has a complicated time schedule — no problem at all, just give us a call and let us work on a tailor-made offer for you.

Why Us

You do not have an IT team that can constantly monitor the health of your software system? That's fine — our team can take over and help you with a number of procedures:

  • Operating system migration and update — we'll take care of all critical updates to the operating system your software runs on. Our engineers constantly monitor new trends and can act to install patches or security updates.
  • Performance analysis — we keep track of how your software system performs and record its behaviour constantly. Based on this information we can suggest optimisations and expand hardware in a transparent manner.
  • Modern tools — as our customer you get access to a range of tools that aid communication and help keep track of all open issues. We employ process management systems as well as support ticketing systems that ensure your team is constantly up to date on all matters.
  • Clear processes — a very important aspect of way we work is to keep thing uncomplicated and as simple as possible. We use straightforward processes that are easy to understand and work with.

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